second thoughts are best

second thoughts are best
Cf. EURIPIDES Hippolytus 1. 436 αἱ δεύτεραί πως φροντίδες σοφώτεραι, the second thoughts are invariably wiser.

1577 HOLINSHED Chronicles 438 Oftentymes it chaunceth, that latter thoughts are better aduised than the first.

1581 G. PETTIE tr. S. Guazzo’s Civil Conversation i. 23v I finde verified that Prouerbe, That the second thoughts are euer the best.

1681 DRYDEN Spanish Friar II. 22 Second thoughts, they say, are best: I’ll consider of it once again.

1813 BYRON Letter 11 Dec. (1974) III. 196 In composition I do not think second thoughts are best, though second expressions may improve the first ideas.

1908 C. FITCH Beau Brummel I. i. Second thoughts seem to be always the best.

1981 P. O’DONNELL Xanadu Talisman v. That was my first thought... But second thoughts are always best.

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